7 Best Horse Riding Helmet For Round Head 2022 (Detailed Guide)

If you’re a horse enthusiast, you know that safety is of the utmost importance. That’s why it’s important to have the best horse riding helmet possible to protect your head in case of an accident.

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re looking for the best horse riding helmet. Obviously, safety is the number one concern, but there are other factors to think about as well. Style, fit, and comfort are all important considerations, especially if you plan on wearing your helmet for extended periods of time.

And when it comes to fit and comfort the shape of your head plays a big role. If you have a round head, you’ll need to find a horse riding helmet that’s specifically designed for that shape.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the 7 best horse riding helmets for round heads. We’ll also provide a buyer’s guide to help you choose the right helmet for your needs.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Looking for a quick answer? In short, the best horse riding helmets for round head are the highly rated Troxel Rebel Horseback Riding Helmet and TIPPERARY Equestrian Horse Riding Helmet.

Buying Guide: Factors to consider while choosing a horse riding helmet for round heads

When you’re looking for the best horse riding helmet for a round head, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

Safety Standards

The very first and the one you should not compromise on is safety standards. The safety of the horse riding helmet should be the number one priority.

There are different organizations that have set up safety standards for horse riding helmets. The most common are the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the European Community (ECE).

It’s important to make sure that the horse riding helmet you choose meets or exceeds the safety standards set by these organizations. This will ensure that the helmet will protect your head in case of an accident.


Another important consideration is the fit of the helmet. The helmet should be snug but not too tight. It should also stay in place when you move your head around.

If the helmet is too loose, it could come off in an accident. And if it’s too tight, it will be uncomfortable to wear and can actually impair your vision.

To get the perfect fit, it’s best to try on the helmet before you buy it. And if you’re buying online, make sure to check the size chart to find the right size for your head.

Here is the procedure on how to measure your head for a helmet:

  • Get a soft measurement tape
  • Place the tape at the widest part of your head (keep the tape around 1″ inch or 1 finger above your
  • eyebrows)
  • Take measurements both in inches and centimeters (cm)

As you have the measurement, check the size chart of the helmet brand to find the perfect fit.


Horse riding can be a strenuous activity, so it’s important to make sure that your helmet has good ventilation. This will help to keep your head cool and comfortable, even when you’re working up a sweat.

Most helmets will have some kind of ventilation system to keep your head cool. But if you live in a hot climate, or you tend to get sweaty when you ride, you might want to look for a helmet with even more ventilation.


The weight of the helmet is also an important consideration. A lighter helmet will be more comfortable to wear, especially for extended periods of time.

But you also don’t want to sacrifice safety for the sake of a lighter helmet. So, it’s important to find a balance between weight and safety.


Last but not least, you also want to make sure that the helmet looks good. After all, you’re going to be wearing it every time you ride.

There are a lot of different styles of horse riding helmets to choose from. So, take some time to find one that you like the look of.

Top 7 Best Horse Riding Helmets For Round Head 2022

If you are an equestrian, then you know the importance of choosing the right helmet. Not only does it keep you safe while riding, but it can also help improve your riding performance.

While there are many different types of helmets on the market, not all of them are created equal. In fact, some of them are specifically designed for certain riding styles or head shapes.

If you have a round head, then you need to make sure you find a helmet that is specifically designed for that head shape. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself at risk while riding.

To help you find the best horse riding helmet for round head, we have put together this list of the top seven options on the market.

1. Troxel Rebel Horseback Riding Helmet

Troxel Rebel Helmet is specially designed for people with a round head to assist them during horse riding. The main highlight that catches everyone’s eyes is the ventilation – this helmet is fully ventilated.

So when you are riding for long hours in the sun, you don’t feel suffocated.

Troxel Rebel Horseback Riding Helmet

Troxel Rebel is installed with a super fit pro system that adjusts to your head as you put it on. So it doesn’t matter if your head is bigger than usual or smaller – Troxel will fit the shape. -‘

Troxel features a minimal and sleek finish with a Matte Duratec finish that has mesh-covered vents for proper ventilation. On top of this, it has a FLip-fold technology that allows the users to remove the headline and air channel to wash them properly.

This is an important feature because horse riding can get messy especially if you are in an area with sand, this feature allows you to have a clean helmet for all your rides.

Moving on, Troxel features a moisture-wicking technology that hinders the moisture to get in contact with your skin. It is an excellent feature because during physical activity people sweat a lot and all that sweat can feel gross after a certain point.

However, with Troxel, you can feel super dry even when there is rain dripping everywhere or when you are sitting like anything while riding.

Now comfort is something that most people do not take into consideration while buying a helmet. However, an uncomfortable helmet can make you lose focus while riding and also make you uncomfortable during the ride. Troxel has been made to combat just that, the helmet is super lightweight and comfortable on the head as it adjusts to the shape of your head with the help of its superfit technology.

Troxel is certified by the American Society for testing materials (ASTM) and SEI (which is a nongovernmental organization).

The price range can vary from time to time but you can get your hands on Troxel Rebel by paying around 100 dollars.

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2. TIPPERARY Equestrian Horse Riding Helmet

TIPPERARY Equestrian Horse Riding Helmet is a name that pops up every time riding heads talk about their favorite helmets. It is because Tipperary is always up to adapt to changes.

Tipperary Windsor MIPS Matte HelmetTIPPERARY Equestrian Horse Riding Helmet features a dial fit at the back of your helmet which allows users to tighten or loosen the fit as per their head. Therefore, you will not feel like your helmet is too loose or tight – it will fit just perfectly.

On top of this, TIPPERARY Equestrian Horse Riding Helmet also has an adjustable foam-padded interior so you feel comfortable while riding and it adds an extra layer of safety for when you hit your head.

TIPPERARY Equestrian Horse Riding Helmet has a sleek and minimal design that comes in black color. The brim is a bit wide to save you from the grueling summer head. On top of this, it uses an ABS high-density material to make sure your home can reign through harsh weather conditions.

The interior of this helmet is added with extra foam so that the rider is comfortable throughout the. And finally, there is a mesh opening at the front for ventilation.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, you can also use your TIPPERARY Equestrian Horse Riding Helmet for bicycle rides or any other sports as it features a Sportage hybrid design.

TIPPERARY Equestrian Horse Riding Helmet is all set when it comes to comfort. As mentioned before, you get extra padding inside the helmet and a dial fit feature to adjust the helmet according to your head.

TIPPERARY helmets are SEI certified, which means that they are safe for riding. And the ABS high-density material with a layer of extra padding also adds a layer of safety. On top of this, this helmet has a chin stripe that will keep the helmet locked up in case you take a fall during the ride.

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3. Troxel Cheyenne Horseback Riding Helmet

Troxel Cheyenne Horseback Riding Helmet is something that you will see in movies because of its unusual design. But it is one of the main reasons why your helmet will stand out from the crowd.

Troxel Cheyenne Horseback Riding HelmetTroxel Cheyenne Horseback Riding Helmet is one of the very few items in the market that comes in different sizes. You get a small, medium, large and extra-large size. You can choose according to the size of your head so that your helmet fits perfectly.

The measurements of the product are mentioned below with the sizes to make you choose the right options.

The Troxel Cheyenne Horseback Riding Helmet comes in a brownish color which stands out from all other helmets that you will see. It is not everyone’s cup of tea but people who appreciate diversity will surely like the design.

The material that is used in the finishing is leather so you will get a touch of premium design. On top of this, the brim of the helmet is wide to keep you safe from sun exposure. There is a layer of mesh (6 vents) at the front to ensure there is enough ventilation.

There is an embedded logo design at the front of the helmet but it is very subtle and will not ruin your aesthetic as you ride at the back of your horse.

The interior of the helmet is padded with foam to ensure that your head stays locked in one position while you are also comfortable. On top of this, there are six vents installed at the front of the helmet so that there is enough air going on for proper ventilation while you ride your horse in the sun.

Moving on, there is a moisture-wicking system that will keep you dry even if you sweat a ton while riding.

Troxel Cheyenne Horseback Riding Helmet is certified by both ASTM and SEI to make sure that you are safe while riding your horse. On top of this, the padding on the inside of the helmet adds an extra layer of safety. There is also a brim installed at the chin area with a buckle to make sure that the helmet stays on.

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4. IRH 4G Helmet with Interchangeable Comfort Liners

IRH 4G helmet is one of the most stylish helmets that you can find on the market if you dig a minimal aesthetic. However, there are many features that you will love once we get into the details.

IRH 4G Helmet with Interchangable ComfortSizing Liners

This helmet is specially made for people with a round head. And if you have a round head then it will be a perfect fit. There is a quick-release strap installed that you can use to adjust your helmet if you feel like you are not comfortable enough.

The interiors feature a plush comfortable wrap harness that ensures your head is locked in a comfortable position.

As mentioned before, the IRH 4G helmet features a modern and minimal design that stands out from all the other helmets. Most people think that you have to sacrifice style to ensure safety. However, the IRH 4G helmet defies this notion with a safe and stylish helmet.

On top of this, there are vents installed on the front and at the back to ensure there is enough air coming in while you ride your horse. Similarly, IRH 4G helmet features an air-wicking system to make sure your head stays dry while you sweat during your ride.

The helmet also features a brim at the top and a chin strap (which is adjustable with a quick-release feature).

Finally, the matt finish allows you to keep your helmet clean by just using a wet cloth to clean it.

IRH 4G helmet comfort is its priority. There is a plush comfortable wrap installed inside the health which feels like a cloud while your head rests against it. On top of this, your chin is supported by a chin strap that you can adjust as per your liking.

On top of the plush comfortable wrap inside the helmet and the chin strap – IRH 4G helmet is also certified by ASTM/SEI which ensures that it is safe for riding.

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5. Troxel Sport Horseback Riding Helmet

Among a plethora of expensive helmets, Troxel Sports Horseback Riding Helmet takes the cake for being the most affordable and safe helmet for round heads. On top of this, it has two colors and different sizes available for everyone.

Troxel Sport Horseback Riding Helmet

Troxel Sports Horseback Riding Helmet has the basic 10 by 10 dimensions for its hamlet. However, there are different sizes (small, medium, and large) available. Therefore, it fits on your head like it has been stuck on with glue.

Troxel Sports Horseback Riding Helmet has two colors available, black being th emos popular due to its colors and diversity. There is also an attached visor for when you want to pull it down while riding.

On top of this, polyester has been used in the design to make the helmet more lightweight. Similarly, you can remove the inner lining of the helmet to wash it when your helmet gets dirty.

At the front of the hamlet, there are seven cooling racks made to ensure maximum ventilation while you ride in the scorching heat.

Troxel Sports Horseback Riding Helmet lacks in this regard as there is no extra padding done inside the helmet (because of its price bracket). However, there is support provided at the back of your head and enough racks for ventilation.

If we keep the fancy things aside (like a plush in the helmet) Troxel Sports Horseback Riding Helmet is very safe as it is certified by both ASTM and SEI.

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6. Troxel Western Riding Helmet Cheyenne Low Profile

Troxel is a household name when it comes to horse riding helmets. It has diversity in its range – you will get everything from a modern-looking helmet to something that looks like it came out of a period film. One such piece is their Troxel Sports Horseback Riding Helmet.

Troxel Western Riding Helmet Cheyenne Low Profile

Troxel Western Riding Helmet is padded from the inside therefore it will fit your head really well. Similarly, there is super fit technology installed in the helmet so you can get a perfect grip.

Unlike the popular helmets, the Troxel Western Riding Helmet has a very dated look. Troxel used leather on the outside for a premium finish. However, leather can be very hard to clean and can get damaged if you do not wash it properly.

The front of the helmet features a mesh to ensure proper ventilation. In comparison to some other helmets like Troxel sports – Troxel Western Riding Helmet features only two vents. Similarly, there is a brim installed to ensure you can get saved from the UV rays (in case you forget to put on sunscreen).

The interior is also padded with mesh so that your head can have more support while riding.

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7. Ovation Equestrian-Helmets Deluxe Schooler

Ovation Equestrian-Helmets Deluxe Schooler has one of the most diverse ranges when it comes to the color of the helmet. There are eight colors available in this range. But that is not all – let’s discuss this helmet more!

Ovation Equestrian-Helmets Deluxe Schooler

The fit of this helmet is its forte. There is an easily adjustable dial available at the back so you can adjust it to any size.

Therefore, it is best for riding clubs where people of all sizes come – you will just have to adjust the dial for each person rather than arranging helmets in different sizes.

As far as the design goes, it is just the right balance between modernity and accessibility. There is a wide brim installed at the front with enough area for the air to sweep in. on top of this, you get a YKK adjustment clip and a buckle to make sure the helmet fits.

The design of the helmet is made with such precision that it is suitable for all ages. Similarly, you can remove the liner to wash the interior of the helmet.

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Can you use a bike helmet for horseback riding?

Bike helmets are inappropriate for horse riding in terms of design and most of them(cheap options) are inspected by safety equipment institutes.

On the other hand, a horse riding helmet is designed better suits the horse riders and most importantly inspected by the safety equipment institutes for penetration of sharp objects and impact absorption.

Moreover, you always change your helmet every 3 to 5 years of use or after every fall.


There are plenty of horse riding helmets for roundheads available in the market. However, you need to do your due research to select the best one. Make sure that you make safety a priority while looking out for a helmet.

Do not get a fancy-looking helmet that is not certified by SEI or ASTM as it can be fatal if you fall during your ride.