Is Electric Fence Good For Horses?

If you’re looking for your horse safety at an affordable price, electric fencing might be the solution you come across. This can be installed by the horse owner and can be bought as kits that include all necessary components for installation and proper electric fence grounding.

This post will go over everything you need to know about electric fencing for horses! How it works, how strong should an electric fence be for horses? which is the best electric fence? Benefits, drawbacks, and more.

But first, let’s find out the answer to the main question.

Is an electric fence good for horses? Electric fencing is a great way to keep your horses contained in their pasture. It is safe and very effective. Horses are naturally curious creatures; they will test out any new thing that comes into their environment, so it’s important to “train” them by introducing the fence slowly before letting them roam free within the boundaries of the electric fence.

Electric fences are also beneficial because they don’t require much maintenance or upkeep which makes owning an electric-fenced yard more affordable than other types of fencing options.

Will an electric fence hurt a horse?

Besides having to deal with the short shock from the electric fence, there are no adverse effects on your horses. In this sense, it isn’t physically dangerous to your horses, but it forms a psychological barrier when your horses associate the electrical shock with the fence and avoid crossing it in the future.

How does an Electic Fence Works?

An electric fence is a type of physical barrier that uses an electrical current to deter animals from crossing the boundary. Electric fencing has many components like energizers, fence chargers, that emit pulses of high voltage through fence wire. Wires are usually used as conductors.

It can be tape containing either tinned copper or stainless conductors, plastic with stainless or high tensile wires, or straight high tensile wires, or other types of materials through which electricity can be conducted.

Conductors are fitted to wooden posts. If the installation is temporary then it’s T-posts otherwise it is normal wooden posts. A plastic post is also an option but those are good for temporary installation.

In order to prevent the electricity from flowing to the ground, the conducting wires are insulated from the wooden or steel posts. Insulators can be within 1 or 2 posts that keep the wire away from the posts.

They are most commonly used in agriculture, but they also have other applications such as animal containment or security systems for residential areas.

Electric Fence Pros/Benefits

Keeping your horses safe at all times can be achieved by installing an electric fence. The light material construction makes them almost effortless to build, and the maintenance involved is extraordinarily minimal. Following are the advantages of the electric fence:

1. Safety

In addition to keeping your horses away from the electric fence, electric fencing serves as a psychological barrier to prevent them from encountering the fence. Thus, they are kept safe and a greater risk of injury is reduced. Additionally, fence cribbing is eliminated.

2. Flexibility

Traditional fencing cannot easily be moved once it has been installed. Electric fencing is more mobile. Whether you need permanent, semi-permanent, or portable fencing, this is a good option.

Cost-effective: Because there are fewer materials involved, electric fencing is generally cheaper than traditional fencing.

3. Ease of Installation

Electric fencing is much easier to install. Using T-Posts is more convenient for a do-it-yourselfer because they are installed further apart. However, it still requires proper bracing at the ends and corners.

Electric Fences Drawbacks

Electric fences require frequent maintenance, which is one of their more significant disadvantages. You need to check with your local council to make sure installing one is permitted since there are many rules and regulations involved. Following are the disadvantages of the electric fence.

1. Availability of power outages

Electric fences rely on a constant supply of electricity. If there is an interruption in power, the fence will not work until the power is restored.

2. Appearance

Wooden fencing may appeal to some homeowners due to its traditional aesthetic appeal. Despite not offering the same aesthetic appeal as wood or PVC fencing, electric fences can be paired with them.

How to Choose the best electric fence for your Horse?

Here are some things you need to keep in mind while choosing an electric fence for your horse:

The Ideal Height

The ideal and optimal height of the electrical fence is the most important thing. Mostly the ideal height of the electric fence is 140cm but the taller size is much better.

Horses are strong and energetic animals so they can easily jump over the fence if it’s not the optional height of the fence. The most popular height for the electric fence is 150cm which is 5ft.

Material for Posts

Post material is also an important step while choosing an electric fence. If you want your horses to stay in the same place then wooden posts are the most strong and lost lasting than other posts. However, they are more expensive and not easy to install.

While posts made of fiber class are considered more durable and the plastic posts are also an alternative and cheapest form of posts.


Always favor mains power supply as soon as it is accessible within 500 m of your electric fence. 2 Joules are enough to efficiently keep your horses up to 4. For more difficult horses and/or for a larger area, consider 4 Joules. If you don’t have a power supply nearby, rechargeable or battery-powered energizers are the solutions. Equipped with a solar panel, autonomy is guaranteed.

Installation plan

Making an installation plan also plays a fundamental role in fencing. Making a plan helps avoid many mistakes during installation. Remember to set the number of heights you want, the number of angles, and the number of doors.

Installation with tapes

A tape-based installation is subject to strong constraints linked to climatic conditions. Our advice has the sole objective of optimizing the life of your fence. The ribbon must be tightened. Tensioning by hand and without tools will not allow sufficient tension to be obtained (risk of damage due to wind).

The best Electric Fence For Horses in 2021

Following are the best electric fence that you can buy:

1. ElectroBraid Horse Fence Conductor Reel

This fencing is built to the same standards as seatbelts and parachute harnesses, so you can be assured that it will stand up to all types of weather and horseplay.

Its core is made of Polypropylene, a flexible material that allows the line to stretch without breaking when horses test it.

The fencing comes in spools of 1,000 feet, which provides a lot of fencing for the price. You can use this copper electric fencing to teach your horses to stay away from the fence and it is safe for them as well.

The purpose of this fencing is that it serves as both a physical and psychosocial barrier that horses learn to respect. Additionally, this fence will prevent coyotes and dogs from entering the property.

The advantage of this fencing is that it is safe for horses and highly recommended by veterinarians. And copper strands used in ElectroBraid fencing make it a safe and effective option. One little disadvantage is that it is on the expensive side, but is worth it.

2. Farmily Portable Electric Fence Polywire

A total of 1,312 feet of full conductivity is provided by this fence.

Fencing ropes like this one have six strands of conductor wires, so they’re strong enough to keep horses at bay without injuring them.

The purpose of this yellow and black rope is that it’s highly visible and your doesn’t harm yourself accidentally with fencing.

It is braided horse fencing because the effect of corrosion with metal exposed system becomes less effective.

The advantage of this fencing is that this corral can be quickly and easily set up and can be used temporarily. This fencing will not wear out because it is made of UV-stabilized polymer webbing. It offers strong protection against injuries. The only disadvantage is, this product should not be used with continuous-current power.

3. Gallagher Poly Wire Electric Fence

The stainless steel twisted strands of this electric horse fence ensure durability. Special treatments have been applied to the stainless steel to make sure it does not corrode or rust.

The fencing is available in 1,312-foot rolls. A 328-foot roll is also included with the combo pack.

By deterring your horses from trying to get past the fence, the poly-coated wire is UV-resistant and ensures they are safely corralled.

The advantage of this fencing is that Gallagher fences can be installed anywhere. The conductivity can reach a maximum of 656 feet. The only disadvantage is, the product cannot be used underground.

4. Baygard Electric Fencing, 1/4-Inch White Rope

Horses are discouraged from getting close to the fence by this fence, helping you to keep your horses. Despite the strong conductivity, your horses won’t be harmed by it.

Approximately 656 feet of horse fencing can be found on this spool, and it must be installed with a permanent fence. You can use it to move your horses from one pasture to another or to corral them temporarily.

Installing and spooling this fence while changing pastures was incredibly simple. This horse fencing has an 850-pound breaking weight that makes it perfect for all types of applications.

The temporary corrals are especially useful if you need to maintain pastures.

The advantage of this fencing is that this fencing will remain in excellent condition due to its robust and durable construction. The strength of the fencing is 850 pounds. This fencing is visible due to its white color. It can be installed in a variety of ways. The only disadvantage is, the breaking strength of this horse fencing is not the highest, but it is sufficient for most horse fencing needs.

5. Zareba Poly Wire Horse Fencing

With a 180-pound break weight, this fencing is ideal for smaller horses and temporary corrals. There is no chance that Zareba fencing will corrode or become damaged by harsh weather conditions.

Despite its heavy-duty nature, it is extremely lightweight, making installation in almost any environment extremely easy.

It is always best to connect this poly wire fencing with a permanent fencing option.

There are six strands of conductive wire in this Zareba fence, making it easier to obtain full conductivity. Easily spliced or repaired, this wire fencing can be used over and over.

The advantage of this fencing is that It can be easily installed in just about any location since it is lightweight. UV exposure is fully protected by the poly-coated wiring. For better conduction strength, this fencing contains six conduction wires. Fencing can be reused repeatedly. The only disadvantage is, that due to the lower break weight, it is not recommended for large horses.


1. Is electric fencing harmful to horses?

While horses feel a short-lived ‘bite’ from an electric fence, unlike actual kicks from actual horses, it does not harm your horse in any way. Electricity acts as the leader in the pecking order for your horses, so they are safely confined within their borders!

2. What is the ideal height of a horse fence?

Fencing for horses should be set 54 to 60 inches above the ground. If you want to prevent horses from backing over a fence in pastures and paddocks, have the top of the fence at wither height.

3. Do horses respect electric fences?

The horses rapidly adapt to the fencing after examining it for a short period. They always respect the electric fence once they learn about it.

4. How strong should an electric fence be for horses?

As little as 2,000 volts can be used to control horses. A fence should have a minimum of 3,000 volts to make it more memorable for horses and easier to maintain.


Electric fences are the most effective way to keep the horses inside the boundaries. These are easy, reliable, inexpensive, and safer ways of fencing for horses since they do not cause injury or harm to them.

This post covers all the important details from is the electric fence good and safe for horses to how you can find the right electric fence. So all you have to do is go through each section and find your answer.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the electric fence please let me know in the comment section.