How to Tell if a Saddle has Full Quarter Horse Bars? (A Detailed Guide)

When it comes to saddles, one of the most important things to consider is the fit. A saddle that doesn’t fit your horse properly can cause all sorts of problems, from discomfort and back pain to outright injuries.

One of the key fit factors for horses is the width of the bars on the saddle. As a horse owner, it’s important to be able to identify quarter and full quarter horse bars in a saddle.

This will ensure that your saddle fits your horse properly and provides the support that they need.

There are a few things that you can look for when determining if a saddle has full quarter horse bars. And in this article, I’ll go over everything you need to know about full quarter horse bars.

What saddle bars are and what they do?

The bars of a saddle is the two metal or wooden pieces that run along either side of the tree and support the seat, stirrups, and skirts of the saddle.

They are an important part of the saddle’s structure and play a key role in how the saddle fits your horse. Saddle bars come in a variety of different widths, and the width of the saddle bars is one of the key factors that determine how well a saddle fits a horse.

There are two main types of saddle bars:

  • Regular quarter horse bars
  • Full quarter horse bars

Regular quarter horse bars are narrower and are designed to fit horses with narrower backs. These saddles are not as supportive as full quarter horse bars, but they are still a better fit for many horses than saddles with regular bars.

What are full quarter horse bars?

Full quarter horse bars are a type of saddle that is specifically designed to fit the proportions of a Quarter Horse.

These saddles have a wide tree and a deep seat, which provide a lot of support and stability for the rider. One important thing you should know about them, though- they’re 6 1/4 to 6 1/2 apart!

Full quarter horse bars are the widest type of saddle bars and are specifically designed to fit horses with wide backs.

These saddles provide more support and stability for horses, and they are often used for horses that are working hard or carrying a lot of weight.

They are also very popular among trail riders, as they offer a lot of security and comfort when riding over rough terrain.

How can you tell if a saddle has full quarter horse bars?

There are a few ways that you can tell if a saddle has full quarter horse bars.

The best way to do so is by measuring the gullet size. If the gullet size measures around 7 inches, your saddle has full-quarter bars.

If you’re not sure which type of saddle bars your saddle has, there are a few things you can look for to help you determine the width.

One of the most obvious signs is the shape of the saddle tree. Full quarter horse bars have a wider tree than regular quarter horse bars, and this will be visible even if the saddle is not currently fitted to a horse.

You can also tell the difference by looking at the stirrup irons. full quarter horse bars will have wider spacing between the stirrup irons than regular bars.

Finally, you can also measure the width of the bars. This can be a little tricky, as the bars can vary in width depending on the make and model of the saddle.

But if you have a tape measure, you can measure the distance between the outside of the stirrup irons. full quarter horse bars will typically have a width of 7 inches (17.8 cm) or more, while regular quarter horse bars will be narrower than that.

1. Bars of the saddle

As discussed earlier, bars are one of the most crucial parts of the saddle. You won’t ever see the bars in actuality as they form the internal frame structure. When taking the saddle apart to inspect the inside, the bars will be curvy and wide to fit the muscular front shoulders.

Bar angle

Place the saddle in front and inspect the angle style. The semi-quarter bars will be narrow from the front, forming a steeper angle between the gullet and skirts. Contrary to it, the full quarter bars will be wider rather than being narrow steering angles.

 Gullet measurement

Other than any other way, gullet measurement is the simplest way to determine the bars style of the horse saddle. Full quarter bars saddle typically measures around 7 inches wide, while the semi quarter bars saddle measures around 6 ¼ inches.

Call the manufacturer

As we are unprofessional with the saddles, we will surely make some mistakes. Call the manufacturer if you are still confused and unsure about the results.

Under the tree, every manufacturer marks its trademark and product’s serial number. Call the manufacturer and ask him about the saddle bars.

The benefits of having full quarter horse bars on your saddle

Does the full quarter bar saddle any good that you should invest in it or the same as other ordinary saddles? Following are the benefits you will get from a full quarter horse bars saddle.

  • Idyllic for horses with a broad back and muscular front shoulders.
  • Do not pierce the skin and cause bruises like the ordinary poor-quality saddle.
  • Deliver a breathable contact to the horse, necessary to ride comfortably.
  • Improves sitting balance and positioning.
  • Let the rider spread their legs effortlessly to secure oneself close to the horse.
  • Strengthen the spine for improved positioning.

Where to find saddles with full Quarter Horse bars?

Seems like you are considering adding the full quarter saddle to your equine equipment family but can’t find where? Try Amazon. You name it; they have it. There is nothing on this planet earth that Amazon doesn’t sell (on a serious note).

Other than Amazon, the following are the leading websites that sell high-quality full quarter horse bars saddle on demand;


Final tips for choosing the perfect saddle for your needs

If you’re looking for a saddle with full quarter horse bars, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, make sure to ask the seller if the saddle has full quarter horse bars.

You can also check to see if there is a full quarter horse bar stamp on the saddle. Finally, you can check to see if the saddle has a full quarter horse bar tree. By following these tips, you should be able to find a saddle that has full quarter horse bars.


What size gullet is full QH bars?

Full quarter horse bars saddle usually measure around 7 inches from the gullet. This design is to fit a horse with muscular front shoulders.

How do you measure a saddle bar?

Place the saddle upside-down on the table and take a measuring tape. Measure the gullet size from the starting point to the end. It will tell what size of bars your saddle has.

How do I know what size saddle my horse needs?

Inspect how muscular your horse shoulders are. Take a measuring tape and measure the width. If they are around 7 inches, consider having a full quarter bars horse saddle.


When it comes to finding the perfect saddle for your needs, it’s important to do your research. By following the tips in this article, you should be able to determine a saddle that has full quarter horse bars.

Nothing can be better than the full QH bars saddle for horses with muscular and broad horseback. Ride smoothly and comfortably with the best full QH bars horse saddle.