Are butet saddles good? Things You Should Know about

There are a lot of different saddle options on the market these days, and it can be hard to decide which one is right for you and your horse. One option that has been gaining popularity in recent years is the butet saddle. The question is: are butat saddles good?

Butet saddles have been here since day one, yet gained popularity recently. The design is premium and adjustable to fit all kinds of riders. The narrow twist keeps you close with the horse for better communication.

In this article, I’ll discuss butet saddles in detail. will take a look at their pros, cons, how much they cost, and more.

What are butet saddles?

Butet saddles are well-known in the equestrian world. Butet saddles are the go-to choice of horse riders riding around bumping tracks, cross countrysides, and dressage.

Basically, the butet saddle features a narrow twist design to keep you close with the horse. This design helps wrap your legs around the horse for better grip and comfort.

The best part about the butet saddle is the comfortable experience. Even when riding on a bumpy track, your back won’t feel shocks. The thin knee rolls will help you make skin contact with the horse- necessary to communicate.

The origin of butet saddles is from France. Even today, high-quality and costume butet saddles are manufactured and shipped globally from France. By looks, a butet saddle might look bigger; but they are always true to size.

In some educational equestrian schools, butet saddles are used for entry-level riders to guide them about balancing and positioning.

Are butet saddles adjustable?

Yes, butet saddles are adjustable. The narrow twist lets you adjust the saddle the way you want for a better sitting arrangement. Also, close contact with the horse is beneficial in communication.

The customizable design helps make the bridle adjustable per the user’s demand. The significant support satisfies riders after a ride on a bumpy track.

Have a sneak peek here if you are unaware of what elements can make a butet saddle more adjustable.

  • Arch: Here, you have three options; either you can have a broad, standard, or narrow arch. Select narrow arch for better adjustment.
  • Tree size: In simple words, a tree is the backbone of a saddle (be it any type). Here, your horse and your body size matter. Measure the width of your horse before finalizing any size.
  • Panels: For panels, you have three options; s-panel, foam, or wool. Choose the comfortable ones, and keep your legs close to the horse.

Should you opt for a butet saddle?

No doubt butet saddle is a good quality brand but should you choose or prefer on other saddles totally depends on your needs and demands.

In most cases, Australian countryside riders opt for butet saddles. If you also love to ride around dressage and countryside, have the premium butet saddles. The comfortable experience won’t tire you even after ten rounds.

Also, if you are initiating horse riding, make sure to have a butet saddle. The premium design will help you understand your horse’s nature and build better relationships with him.

Besides that, close contact with the horse will help you balance your sitting positions and secure yourself even on bumpy tracks.

Do butet saddles better than Wintec western saddles?

By looks, all saddles seem the same. Even after riding, no one can distinguish the difference if not told so. The choice of saddle matters the most as it defines the comfort zone- little did we know.

Wintec western saddles lead the market when it comes to durable quality with a low maintenance rate. These saddles are the picture-perfect match for everyday riding.

Wintec western saddle secures your position and evenly distributes your weight. The best part is you can clean these saddles simply by wiping them with a damp cloth.

While on the other hand, no one can beat the comfort level butet saddles offer.

In terms of comfort, butet saddles do better than the Wintec western saddles. The saddle supports your back your shocks, while the paddings prevent the horse from feeling irritation.

Contrary to it, Wintec western saddles are better in low maintenance cost. The leather coverage only necessitates a good wipe of 10 minutes with a damp cloth.

Do butet saddles better than Equipe saddles?

Moving from the Wintec western saddles, the next we have is Equipe saddles, also known as Selleria saddles.

Equipe saddles are sturdy and premium in design, being the lightest in the class.

The saddle features innovative shock absorption for both the rider and the horse. The three composite fiber layers, along with the carbon tree, make sure the rider enjoys the best time riding.

In comparison with the butet saddle, the Equipe saddle does a little better. The innovative shock absorption the saddle features is something at the next level. Butet saddle is also a Rockstar on bumpy tracks, but the Equipe saddle is slightly better than the previous one.

Best Butet Saddles to consider

  • Butet practice saddle
  • Butet deep seat dressage
  • Butet deep seat jumping saddle
  • Butet XC saddle
  • Butet flat seat dressage
  • Butet medium-deep jumping saddle


With a narrow twist design and premium comfort, is there anything you can ask more about the butet saddles? Get yourself a butet saddle today to enjoy the bumpy ride in the countryside.


Are butet saddles wool flocked?

Yes, they are. The wool flocked panels offer premium support to riders and suit all kinds of horses. Also, the wool panels help deal with skin irritations.

Do butet saddles run small?

It has been one of the most popular rumors about the butet saddle. In general, a butet saddle is always true to its size. The only case they run small is when worn on wide-back horses.

Why is butet saddle used in practice?

The purpose of using butet saddle in education schools is to teach right positioning and balancing. The ergonomic design encourages riders to showcase their horse-riding skills.