How Much Should I Charge For Horse Sitting – (Horse Sitting Pricing Guide)

The question of how much to charge for horse sitting is one that many people have. Horse sitting is often a hobby, but it can also be a profitable business if done correctly.

This article covers: – Horse Sitting Pricing Guide – How Much Should I Charge For Horse Sitting? The rates depend on how sensitively the horse cares. The general rates start from somewhere $10 per hour and go up to $100 per day. For expensive breed horses, the rates are even higher. There is no “one size fits all” type of pricing as every horse owner has different needs and wants in terms of care. 

For an even better understanding, check the price list below;

Sr. NoHorse BreedHorse Sitting Rates Per Hour
1Cattle Horses$10
3Dutch Warmblood$15

Here are some factors that will help determine what price would be appropriate. Before we proceed further let us make some things clear.

Is Horse Sitting And Farm Sitting The Same?

Many people have considered horse sitting and farm sitting to be similar, but there are many differences between them. Farm sitters usually live on or near a farm that they watch over while owners are away.

Horse sitters don’t need to live anywhere near horses, but both of these types of work involve taking care of animals as well as general maintenance tasks such as feeding and watering them.

What Type of Tasks Included Into Horse Sitting?

As a horse sitter following are the tasks you will need to perform;

  • Feeding the horses based on diet plan;
  • Watering more than 10 gallons of water;
  • Removing wet bedding in the morning and putting fresh ones at night;
  • Observing signs of happiness, illness, and depression in horses;
  • Take him out for 30 minutes of exercise;
  • Cleaning the paddocks;
  • Taking care of dental health;
  • Providing him with calming and nourishing toys;
  • Monthly medical checkup;
  • Bathing.

Can you hire someone to take care of your horses?

If you have a farm and horses, chances are that you might be able to hire someone to take care of your animals. You want the person who is taking care of them to be experienced, caring, and reliable.

It’s a big responsibility for some people but there are many horse professionals out there who will gladly help out with this task!

Every horse owner knows that there are many daily tasks involved with owning a horse. Mucking stalls, grooming, feeding, and more. If you’re like me then you may also have some other life obligations that take up your time as well. This is where hiring someone to come in and help comes in handy! There are several ways to go about finding someone who can help care for your horses when you need them the most.

Factors That Helps To Determine Horse Sitter Rates

After investigating some horse sitters, I have concluded the following factors that determine the horse sitting rates. You can figure out how much to charge after reading these factors thoroughly.

1. From How Far You Are Coming

The first factor is how far you are coming to sit the horse? 2 miles or 5 miles? Farer is the distance, higher the charges. Horse sitters consider this factor as one of the crucial ones.

If the location is situated within the state, you can conveniently reach there, keeping the rates standard.

2. What Is The Breed of The Horse & How Many Horses?

Believe it or not, but you can change your sitting rates based on horse breeds.

The cattle horse breeds are Warmblood, Arabian, Morgan, Appaloosa, and Thoroughbred. The only sitting rates for these horse breeds are $10 per hour.

On the flip side of the coin, the expensive horse breeds are Oldenburg, Selle Francais, Dutch Warmblood, Hanovarian, and Standardbred.

The rates of these expensive horses can go over $100 just for sitting, feeding, cleaning, etc are not included. As these horses need extra care and time, the rates for their sitting are also high.

And amazingly, the owners somehow agree to pay more because they don’t want any mishap with the horse.

3. Owners Not Agreeing To Pay Higher

Even though horse sitting is not an easy task because of the horse nature, owners still underestimate the work of the sitters and pay them low rates.

A horse is a sensitive animal. Single disturbance in the environment can panic him. And as a horse sitter, you have a better idea of how hard it is to control a horse. Horse sitting should be considered as a devoting task & owners need to pay them high.

4. Does Poop The Paddock Is Included

Hmm, are you sure you don’t have to pick the horse poop from the field? If not, then $10 per hour is a reasonable rate, but if you have to poop the paddock, then man, increase your charges. Remember, a horse drops poop every 18 miles a day.

Most of the time, horse owners don’t mention this while hiring a horse sitter. But at the end of the day, when they have to pay them, they cut the amount by saying, you didn’t clean the field by picking the poop. If you feel awkward pooping the paddock, clear it while confirming your deal with the horse owner.

5. What Are The Weather Conditions

Sitting a horse is not recommended in every weather. The horse changes his mood based on the weather. On rainy days, it is extra hard to handle the mood swings of horses. The same case is in the summer and winter days.

Besides horse mood, the weather also impacts the horse sitter. If the weather is harsh, the sitter will face trouble reaching the destination.

Since you are clear with the facts that affect and determine your horse sitting rates, how about having a sneak peek at some tips that will make your horse sitting services stand out?

How To Know A Horse Is Comfortable With You?

Following are the signs that tell the horse is happy and comfortable around you.

  • If he keeps his nostrils and lips relaxed;
  • Put his head on your shoulder;
  • Show his care and respect for you;
  • Nudge you;
  • Breath on your face;
  • Whinny or nicker for you;
  • Groom back to you.

How To Stand Out Your Horse Sitting Services?

Pursue Education

You can’t become a horse sitter because you have a natural power to build connections with animals. This point is beneficial, but still, you have to experience education. During the education of horse sitting, more specifically, pet sitting, you will learn strategies for how to take care of the pet in every situation.

Pursuing education will also aid in gaining clients’ trust as they will have the assurance that their pet is in safe hands. Besides, if you are an experienced horse owner or rider, you can still stand out for your services. Your experience will be the standing stone for your career.

Schedule Pet-Sitter Meet & Greet

While grabbing potential clients, you have to schedule a face-to-face meet and greet. Why? Because it will not only aid you in selling your services but also in gaining the information you want about the client and horse.

The client will share some details about himself and his pet. As he is the owner, he is well aware of his likes and dislikes. You also have to investigate horses whether he is allergic to something, what his breed is, what things can trigger him & is his daily routine.

Based on the interest you show while examining the horse, your client will make a decision. At the end of the investigation, ask the client to allow you to meet the horse. During your first meet with the horse, you have to showcase your caring side.

Offer Unique Services

Don’t exaggerate things. Keep it all simple. Instead of telling what you can do, brief the owner on why he should hire you for his pet. Check how your competing horse sitters sell their services.

Abstract elements from their services and implement them all in your service package. Your offer should be out-classing, which compels the client to hire you. While dealing with him, do not offer multiple rate options. Keep your rates hourly.

Care The Most

Animals demand only one thing from us & that is care. As now you are performing house sitting with horses, show your caring side to the horse. Just like we take care of our babies, nourish and cherish them, do the same with the pet.

On the first day of your horse sitting, try to understand horse nature. Don’t try to be extra clingy and aggressive. The detail you received from the client about the horse, act accordingly. Avoid all the things that can trigger him.

  • Feed him hay, oats, and grain at morning and night;
  • Fill fresh water in his bucket in the morning and night
  • Replace fresh bedding;
  • If he likes to shower every day, do it for him;
  • Take for a short walk after feeding him;
  • Transfer your emotions and care by your touch;
  • Ride on him once a week for exercise;
  • Spray insects and fly repellant spray.

Stay In Touch With Your Client

In most cases, horse owners hire horse sitters when they are moving out of the town. At his back, you have the charge to take care of his cattle and pets.

Find ways to remain in touch with them. Send weekly updates about how the horse is doing, what changes you made in the field for horses, and how well you both are going. This act of yours will make the owners realize that he made the right decision of hiring you for the horse.

Even when your duty is over, the horse owner should be on your contact list. Send monthly emails about your discount packages and how the horse is doing. This strategy will make the client a permanent one.

Leave Small Gifts For Horse

Before leaving the cattle after completing your services, leave small gifts and treats for the horse. The presents can be a gift card, thanksgiving note, horse toys, and treats.

The horse gifts can be a jolly ball, feeder ball, calming mirror, natural chewing treats & silicone chewing can. Giving treats to the pet will leave a mark on his heart that someone cares for him. Also, if in the future you are again hired for sitting, the horse will recognize you & show his respect and loving side.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to become a farm sitter?

Receive education, practice sitting with your pets. Once you are experienced enough, sell your services. Apply the factors mentioned above while selling the services.

Is horse sitting a demanding career?

Yes, with this career you can make your living comfortable. Per time, the demand for horse sitters is increasing. Make sure to enroll your name on the list.

Can you sit all pets other than a horse?

If you have received proper pet sitting training, then you can sit all pets. However, if you are horse sitting because you own horses, it might sound problematic to understand the nature of other pets.


With that said, we hope now you are clear with the fact that how much should I charge for horse sitting? The prices of horse sitting can vary based on a number of factors. There is no “one size fits all” type of pricing for this service.