Does Keratex Hoof Hardener Work? – A Detailed Guide

Many people use the Keratex hoof hardener to help keep their horse’s hooves solid and healthy. Keratex is a popular choice because it has been clinically tested for safety, making it an excellent option for horses prone to sensitivity issues or allergies.

However, there are many other products on the market that claim to be just as effective at keeping your horse’s hooves in good condition.

So does the Keratex hoof hardener work? Keratex is the ultimate solution for hoof hardening. It deeply moisturizes the cracked soles, promotes interlinking and rapid growth. So yes, Keratex is one of the best hooves hardeners, and it works!

What is a Keratex hoof hardener?

Horses suffering from cracking and wet hooves are pretty standard. The reason can be an unbalanced diet plan or environmental changes. The best way to deal with this issue is the use of the best hoof hardening gels/cream. Amazingly, Keratex is what I’m talking about.

Keratex is a hoof hardening cream/gel owners use to heal their horses’ cracking and wet feet. The rich formula works like magic and heals the cracks effortlessly.

The positive response from the horse owners and professional veterinarians is outstanding. Not forget to mention, the formula is not resin to leave a tacky layer. After application, the formula quickly absorbs in the hooves leaving the horse happy and comfortable.

Keratex hoof hardener ingredients

The chemical composition of Keratex is as under;

Keratex KHH 250 Hoof Hardener

1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil extracts moist the hooves deeply to end the cracking process. The oil is rich in vitamin E that removes the dead skin cells.

2. Tea tree essence

The antimicrobial properties of the tea tree oil are perfect for healing. The oil stops the inflammation and infection and nourishes the hooves profoundly.

3. Proteins

Hooves, nails, skin, and coats all are mainly composed of proteins. As the formula is rich in proteins, it promotes rapid growth.

4. Chemicals

The chemical substances present in the formula endorse the horn interlinking. The horn particles interlink, the stronger the hooves.

How do you use the Keratex hoof hardener?

Does using the Keratex hoof hardener get you on nerves, and do you want the simplest way to deal with it? Don’t worry; I got what you need!

Using the Keratex hoof hardener is pretty simple. The below step-by-step process will elaborate you better;

  • Open the seal and pour a sufficient amount of Keratex hoof gel in a bowl;
  • Wipe clean the horse’ hooves with a damp cloth;
  • Take a brush and apply a layer on the outer surface of hooves;
  • Once done, hold the limb, bend it backward, and apply the gel on the inner side of the hooves;
  • Don’t go hard as it might hurt the horse;
  • If some gel remains unused, seal the bowl with a sealing wrap;
  • Don’t use any tropical product after applying the Keratex hoof gel. Otherwise, your horse might experience allergic issues.

For effective results and better protection, make sure to equip your horses with the best horses’ boots.

How often do you use the Keratex hoof hardener?

Here is another concern of the horse owner. How often should you apply a Keratex hoof hardener? Does using the Keratex hardener supplement frequently damage the sole? Not at all!

If you are using the Keratex gel, apply the gel on hooves two times a week. Make sure you are applying an adequate layer. Once you start seeing results, reduce the application twice to one time a week. Hooves, when they get hardened, stop usage.

How long does the Keratex hoof hardener take to work?

Don’t be impatient and expect the Keratex gel hoof hardener to heal your horses’ hooves just after a few weeks of use.

Hooves’ growth takes time, just like our hair. Besides that, it also depends on the physical and medical condition of the horse. If your horse is physically strong and shows rapid growth, then you will see effective results just after a few weeks of use.

In general cases, the Keratex hoof hardener takes 2-3 weeks to heal the cracks and strengthen the soles. The duration can be prolonged if the cracks are deeper with inflammation on the inner sole.

Keratex hoof hardener VS other hardener products

Being a horse owner, you ought to be concerned whether the product you are selecting for your horses is worth being trusted or not, and Keratex falls under the same category.

To make things clear for you, I’ve compared Keratex hoof gel with the leading hoof hardeners. Check the comparison below;

1. Keratex vs. Durasole

Durasole claims itself as the best hoof hardener, which is quite faithful to some extent. The thing is, Durasole is pretty messy. When applying the gel on your horses’ hooves, you will end up staining your hands and damaging your nails.

Even when wearing gloves, Durasole is still messy because of its poor texture. On the other hand, the consistency of Keratex is rich, which makes the application effortless.

2. Keratex vs. Kevlar

Now is the time to compare Keratex and Kevlar hoof gel! We have to say, Keratex and Kevlar both are competing for the best hoof gel, but there is one thing that outranks Keratex over Kevlar.

Kevlar is toxic to human health. The smell is stinky due to the poisonous chemical composition. Few horse owners have reported skin allergies after the use of Kevlar. While the other story says, Keratex is skin-friendly and safe for both humans and horses.

3. Keratex vs. Gel Venice Turpentine

When deciding on the best hoof hardener, the most perplexing task you will ever encounter is to select between Keratex and Venice Turpentine.

Performance vise, both Keratex and Venice Turpentine are equal. Their effortless application and natural formula make them the best option for hooves hardening.

Where to buy a Keratex hoof hardener?

In this digital world, are you even serious about this matter? Without hustling in the market to find the best Keratex hoof gel, you can get one online while lying on your couch.

The best place to visit is none other than Amazon. Amazon has a wide variety of Keratex hoof creams you can buy as much as you want.

Keratex hoof hardener reviews

After reading all reviews of Keratex hardener supplement from the public forums, I conclude as;

  • Keratex heals the worn hooves and promotes the interlinking of the horn.
  • The formula works in both dry and wet conditions.
  • The use of Keratex makes the hooves moisture-resistant to prevent all chances of cracking.
  • As the formula is not a resin nor oil, so it doesn’t seal the sole. The formula makes sure hooves breathe naturally.


Instead of leaving your horses barefoot, get Keratex and let them grow their hooves. Being the owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your horses. Make sure you are not leaving any chance to fulfill your duty.

For hooves’ growth and healing, Keratex is an excellent option. About does the Keratex hoof hardener work? You knew it better. Isn’t it?

Bear in mind to not use any topical cream or gel while using the Keratex. Use a brush to apply the gel to avoid possible skin allergies.