7 Reasons Jumping Horses Wear Ear Covers

There are many different reasons why horses might wear ear covers. In the jumping world, it is often seen as a necessity to help keep the horse’s focus on the course in front of them.

There are other reasons, however, that may not be quite as evident. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most common reasons why horses wear ear covers and what benefits they can provide.

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What exactly Horses Ear covers are?

Horse’s ear covers, also called ear nets, ear bonnets, or just simply bonnets, are pieces of equipment that fit over a horse’s head and ears.

They come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. The most common type of ear cover is made from a stretchy fabric like Lycra or cotton and is usually secured under the chin with Velcro.

Top 7 Reasons Why Jumping Horses Wear Ear Covers

While there are many different reasons why a horse might wear ear covers, here are seven of the most common:

1. To protect their ears

Just like us, horses’ ears can be sensitive to extreme cold or heat. In fact, their ears are even more sensitive than ours, as they have less fur to protect them.

So, when the weather is particularly chilly or hot, you might see your horse sporting a pair of ear covers to keep their delicate ears comfortable. Ear covers are also very beneficial to protect horses’ ears from wind and dust.

2. To help them focus

Many riders find that their horses concentrate better when they’re wearing ear covers. Especially when your horse involves in show environments, or is easily distracted by noise.

This is because the covers help to muffle outside noise, which can be distracting for horses. If your horse is struggling to focus during a ride, ear covers could be the answer.

3. To keep their ears clean

If your horse is prone to getting ear infections, ear covers can help to keep their ears clean and free of debris.

As I mentioned above ear bonnets prevent getting dust, sand, or other similar elements into your horse which automatically keeps the ears clean and minimize the risk of getting your horse any infection.

4. To prevent them from spooking

One of the most common reasons why horses wear ear covers is to prevent them from spooking.

If a horse is particularly prone to be startled by loud noises, its rider might opt to put some ear covers on to help calm them down.

5. To prevent flies and other insects:

Flies and other insects can be a huge nuisance for horses, particularly during the summer months. Not only are they annoying, but they can also cause irritation and even pain.

Wearing ear covers can help to keep flies and other insects away from your horse’s ears, giving them some much-needed relief.

6. To protect their hearing

Just like us, horses can suffer from hearing loss as they get older. If you’re concerned about your horse’s hearing, ear covers can help to protect their ears from loud noises.

7. To make the horse look more stylish:

Let’s be honest, ear covers can also make a horse look pretty darn stylish.

If you’re headed to a show or competition, you might want to consider putting some ear covers on your horse to help them look their best.

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How to put on a horse ear bonnet?

Putting on a horse ear bonnet is actually very simple.

The first step is to make sure that your horse’s ears are clean and free. The next step is to put the ear bonnet on your horse’s head, making sure that the ears are through the holes in the bonnet.

Once the ear bonnet is in place, you can adjust it to fit your horse’s head and ears snugly.

Finally, secure the bonnet by tucking the chin strap underneath your horse’s chin and adjusting it so that it fits comfortably.


1. Do ear bonnets help with the wind?

Jumping horses wear ear covers for a variety of reasons. One reason is to help keep their concentration focused while competing. It can be windy at horse shows, and the ear covers help keep the horses’ ears from flapping in the wind and distracting them.

2. Can you wear ear bonnets in dressage?

Most dressage organizations allow both riders and horses to wear ear bonnets or any other type of headgear that covers the ears. However, it’s better to check with your specific organization’s rules before competing.

3. Do all show jumpers wear ear bonnets?

No, not all show jumpers wear ear bonnets. Some riders prefer not to use them, while others only use them in certain classes or competitions. Ultimately, it’s up to the rider to decide whether or not to use ear bonnets.

4. Do horses like ear bonnets?

Some horses seem to mind ear bonnets more than others. If a horse is particularly sensitive to having something touch their ears, they may not enjoy wearing ear bonnets. However, many horses seem to get used to them quickly and don’t mind wearing them once they’re accustomed to them.

5. Why do Olympic horses wear ear bonnets?

One of the main reasons that Olympic horses wear ear bonnets is to help keep them focused and concentrated on their performance. With all of the noise and commotion at the Olympics, it’s important for the horses to be able to focus and ear bonnets can help them do that.

6. Why do show jumping horses wear ear coverings?

Show jumping horses wear ear coverings for a few different reasons. One of the primary reasons is to help protect their ears from injury, especially when jumping over high fences. The coverings also help to muffle noise and can help the horse to focus on their rider’s commands.

Additionally, the coverings can help protect the horse’s ears from being damaged by the bit or rein when there is a sudden movement or jarring of the saddle.


Ear bonnets are a common sight in the horse world, especially in show jumping horses and serve a variety of purposes.

Whether you’re looking to keep your horse focused, keep their ears warm, or protect them from the sun, ear bonnets are a great option.

Be sure to do your research to find the right type of ear bonnet for your horse and always check with your specific riding organization’s rules before competing.