How Much Alfalfa Pellets To Feed a Horse?

Alfalfa pellets are a great feed for horses. They provide the horses with nutrients that they need to stay healthy and strong. Moreover, Alfalfa has more calories, protein, and calcium than grass which is great for their health and growth.

One question that often comes up is how much alfalfa pellets to feed a horse?

The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem. Horses are different sizes, have different diets, and require a variety of nutrients. That being said, there are some general guidelines on how much alfalfa pellets to feed a horse can be used. For example, if you have an adult horse who weighs about 1100 pounds should take approximately 16 pounds of alfalfa pellets each day.

This article will discuss some guidelines to help you figure out how much food your horse needs. As well as some tips on how to choose an appropriate feed ratio.

Best Way to Feed Alfalfa Pellets to Horses

Sometimes it becomes difficult to know how much alfalfa pellets should be needed to feed a horse because every Horse and its size varies based on the workload and training ventures.

Well, the best way to feed alfalfa pellets to horses is to soak the pellets with their feed and add water. Now the mixture is ready to feed.

But in general, Horses consume approximately 11/2-2 lbs of alfalfa pellets per day, depending on their size, body, and capacity.

Though, when you feel that your Horse is losing weight, you need to immediately start feeding your Horse 1.5% of the alfalfa pellets, which increase in alfalfa cubes depending on the weight.

Will Alfalfa Pellets Put Weight On a Horse?

Alfalfa pellets can be a great supplement for your horse’s diet. They’re high in protein, calories, and low in sugar, which is perfect for animals who need to keep their weight up (like horses).

Due to its one-pound (dry weight) alfalfa pellet the chances of weight gain will be increased by 0.5%.

However, they may not help if you don’t know how much your horse needs.

Consult with an equine nutritionist or veterinarian before starting any type of new supplement or going to make changes in existing diet plans to make sure that it will benefit the animal and not do more harm than good!

Can You Feed Alfalfa Pellets Dry To Horses?

Short answer is Yes and long answer is that it depends on the pellet and the type of horse. Alfalfa pellets are often high in protein and fat, which makes them an excellent food source for horses who need more calories than hay alone can provide.

However, it’s prefered to feed mash-up of alfalfa pellets with water particualrly for for old horses, dental issues horses, and young horses.

Anyhow, before changing their nutrients, do it gradually. I recommend feeding them in combination with hay; this will help keep them satisfied and prevent an upset stomach from eating too many pellets at once.

Do You Have To Soak Alfalfa Pellets For Horses?

In water, the feed gets more rigid and unable to break down in 4 or 6 hours. In my opinions, Alfalfa pellets need to be deep in water for five to six hours for seizing up.

When it comes to winter, you have to deep alfalfa pellets before the night for the next day.

Conversely but in warmer months, it becomes breakable due to the hot moving nature. Therefore, it takes less time in the warmer months.

Should I Feed my horse Alfalfa Pellets?

Though, when you feed them with the fiber stem, you can replace their calories with the feed. So, yes, you can feed alfalfa pellets.

Moreover, You can find the alfalfa pellets feed bags in any store, which usually comes with 50 pounds feed bags. The combination of alfalfa pellets and beet pulp is the most beneficial for your Horse.

Here are a few pros and cons of feeding alfalfa pellets.


  • High nutriments feed
  • Easy to digest
  • High in fiber


  • Overeating can cause colic
  • Soaking takes time


Are Alfalfa Pellets Fattening for Horses?

You would say yes, Alfalfa pellets can be a fattening feed cube for the senior horses.

Proven from studies, vitamin K is highly found in the Alfalfa pellet (an excellent source of feed for your house with premium protein and an outstanding level of maintaining the immune system).

However, Alfalfa pellets are the best sources of cholesterol-lowering nutritional food intake for houses.

Therefore Alfalfa pellets are the preferred source of feed for your horse health because of their unique herbal nutritional values.

Can Horses live on alfalfa pellets?

Anyhow, it’s on you how many calories you feed to your Horse by knowing the alfalfa and oat consist of a large number of calories. So, you would say horses can live on alfalfa pellets.

Though, it’s all your decision on feeding alfalfa pellets instead of grain. Isn’t it?

Look, but sometimes horses prefer to take the regular intake as it isn’t easy to change their diet plan immediately.

Do you have to add water to alfalfa pellets?

Look, Sometimes the heat process feed can soak up the feed for a longer time because the heat causes bacteria to kill and longer the alfalfa pellets to last.

Therefore, it would be better to add water to alfalfa pellets before feeding your horse.

In general, according to experts, alfalfa pellets can last for six months. Though, within three months of the fabricate, textured alfalfa pellets can be best used.

How Much Alfalfa Should You Feed My Horse A Day?

When it comes to the exact amount horses, usually eat 1.5 to 2% depending on their body weight, which probably consists of 18 to 24lbs.

Though sometimes, depending on the quality of alfalfa pellets, feed needs to be given to your Horse.

The best nutrient alfalfa includes 55%TDN and 18 to 20% protein, energy. So while buying, consider these two supplements.


As we have seen, there should be approximately 16 pounds of alfalfa pellets to feed a horse per day.

However, being a horse owner, all it takes is wealth to consider. If your Horse feeds quality alfalfa pellets, your Horse will be healthy and fit.

Moreover, which is highly dependent on the nutrients, which you will feed to your Horse.