Equipe Saddles: Everything You Need to know about

Saddle fit is important for both the horse and rider. A saddle that is too large or too small can cause pain and discomfort for the horse and can lead to poor performance. Many saddles are adjustable, which allows you to customize the fit for both the horse and rider.

In this article, I will discuss specifically Equipe saddles, are Equipe saddles adjustable, and how you can find How do I know if a saddle is adjustable or not.

Yes, the equipe saddles are adjustable. However, you cannot fix the fit yourself if you are not trained. For the adjustment, you’ll have to go to a saddle fitter to ensure that the tree and wool flocked panels are adjusted to the tee.

What are equipe saddles?

Equipe saddles are a line of saddles that are crafted with extreme precision. The headquarters is located in Italy but they are shipped worldwide. These saddles are crafted by craftsmen that are highly skilled for this job – hence the quality and precision.

You can use these saddles for different horses – for example, horses that participate in racing or dressage. You will find the perfect saddle to fit the occasion. These saddles are on the pricey side but the quality is comparable to none.

Are Equipe saddles any good?

There is a lot of debate around equipe saddles. Some say that they are the best saddle that you can fid tin the market. However, others debate that they are way too expensive for the quality that they provide.

According to my research over some social media platforms – I have come to a conclusion. Equipe saddles are meticulously crafted and loved by all horse enthusiasts. They may be expensive but the precision that they provide is rare these days.

On top of this, the equipe saddles feature an extremely lightweight leather material that will keep the horse comfortable even during summers – so you can enjoy your rides whenever you want.

Where are Equipe Saddles made?

Equipe saddles are made in Italy. The company claims that the saddles are hand made which ensures extreme precision as a lot of time is spent on each saddle.

On top of this, the Equipe saddles us materials like wood and e carbon to manufacture the trees as these materials are environmentally friendly.

How to fit an equipe saddle?

Fitting an equipe saddle on your horse’s back can be a tough task – but if you follow the steps to the tee, you will be good to go. For your ease, here are some steps that will help you attain the perfect fit on your equestrian.

Pick the perfect saddle

If you have the wrong type of saddle with you, it does not matter how good you are with the fitting – your horse will be uncomfortable and your saddle won’t fit on the horse’s back.

Therefore, always choose the perfect saddle, they come in different sizes and each occasion requires a different type of saddle (dressage, running, jumping).

Fit the saddle perfectly

Now that we know the basics, let’s take a deep dive into how you can fit your saddle perfectly.

Place the equipe saddle on the top of your horse’s back – make sure that the horse is dry as water droplets can make the horse uncomfortable and it can be a hassle for you to take the saddle off again to dry the back.

So, pat your horse with a cloth to ensure there’s nothing on the back.

Once the saddle is on the back of the horse, check that the pommel, gullet, or fork are away from the withers of the horse (at least an inch). Next, ensure that the panels of the equipe saddle are behind the shoulder blade of the horse.

The panels of the saddle should touch equally along the length – if they are unequal (even subtly) then it means that the saddle is not the perfect fit for your horse.

After these steps, check if the lowest part of the seat is in the middle of the saddle so that when you ride the horse, your weight is balanced.

And then the cantle of the equipe saddle should be higher than the pommel.
Once you are done with these steps, lunge the horse forward and check if the saddle shifts forward – if the fit is correct, it won’t move.

If the fit is wrong, the saddle will shift. If it shifts, repeat the previous steps.

Best Equipe saddles

Equipe saddles are expensive but they get everything right about their saddles. But, there is a lot of variety when it comes to their saddles.

As a horse owner, one can get confused – therefore, I have made a list of the best equipe saddles sp you can choose one for your horse.

  • Platinum equipe saddle
  • Emporio equipe saddle
  • E carbon equipe saddle


Riding a horse is a luxury – but that luxury can be ruined with the wrong saddle. This is why you should pay attention to which saddle you are getting for your horse among other notable names, equipe saddles are famous for their fit and precision.

They are expensive – but the quality is good. If you can afford these saddles – you should get at least one pair for your horse.