Can I Use Human Hair Clippers On My Horse?

No one likes to be shaggy, nor do our horses deserve it. That is why their grooming part needs to be considered seriously. And when it comes to grooming, hairs are the most crucial part, along with their hooves.

Hair clippers are a great way to keep your horse’s mane and tail neatly. They always looked so shiny and smooth after being clipped! But the question is: Can you use human hair clippers on horses?

Well, it is not recommended because horses have very thick fur that can be difficult to cut through, and if you are trying to do it with regular human hair clippers, then the blades will quickly get dull. It makes them more likely to cause injury or irritation that could lead to infection. There are some specialized blades made specifically for horses.

You should always consult with your veterinarian before using any grooming product on your horse!

I’ve also reviewed the best clippers for thick coats you can check them as well.

Difference between animal and human clippers

There is a lot of debate about which clipper is the best and whether you should choose an animal(specifical horse clipper) or human clipper.

And as far as the question is concerned, is there a difference between animal and human clippers? The answer is yes, but it has more to do with the design than the function. Animal clippers are designed to cut through fur easily, while human clippers are made for cutting hair.

There are also different blade types in each category of clippers, which makes all the difference when you need to make a clean cut! Below are some of the crucial factors that make the difference.

Types/Style of blade

Before arguing over this, you should be clear with one concept. The consistency of fur is way thicker and rough compared to the texture of hairs.

Clipping a horse coat with an ordinary clipper will hurt him and damage his skin. For that reason, horse clipper blades are sharper and thicker. The widely used blades include;

Fine tooth blade:

This blade has pretty compactly closed fine teeth. The blade of size #10 leaves a smooth texture on the horse skin when used. Human clippers are not well-suited with fine teeth F blades.

Skip tooth blade:

Skip tooth blade is compatible with both human and horse clippers. In horse clippers, this blade clips the coat without pulling the fur from its root. While in human clippers, this blade gives a smooth shaving every time.


After checking the weight and size of both clippers, I didn’t find any visible difference. Be it the horse clipper or the human clipper both are lightweight and compact in design for portability.

Noise levels

Music, traffic sound, and an active lifestyle have made us compatible with high noises. In short, you can say that noise is a decisive part of our life. But things are different for horses.

While shaving, the motor noise must irritate you but not to the point that you will end up frightened. Horses, when experiencing loud noise in their surroundings, wiggle and start jumping.

Keeping that in mind, horse clippers are less noisy in performance.

Motor Power

We humans have hairs while our horses have fur. Clipping down a coat with an ordinary clipper is not as easy as it may seem. For effortless shaving, human clippers have a heavy-duty motor that trims thick & rough hair in one go.

On the flip side of the coin, horse clippers have a lightweight motor for steady performance. The horse clipper is less efficient than the human clipper in terms of motor power. But a perfect match for the furry body.

Cord or cordless?

Whenever you shave, you use the clipper inside the bathroom with an electric socket nearby. Right? On the other hand, horse clipping is done in the garden/ farm, where no electric socket is present at all.

Keeping that in mind, most horse clippers are cordless. They have a long-running battery life to make the clipping process effortless. Human clippers are mostly corded as we don’t face any electric issues.

What are the Best Clippers For Horses?

I want you to give your horse the best clipping experience he/she always wishes for. And for that, here are the three best clippers for horses that you can buy in 2021.

1. Oster Clipmaster Grooming Clipping Machine

Whether you want to clip your horse around the fetlock, bridle, or ears, this Oster Clipmaster works best on all without paining the horses.

The power-pack rotary motor performs 2,100 strokes per minute. The size of the blade is #10 that is detachable with chew-proof housing. The A5 detachable razor is super sharp in performance and effortless in cleaning.

The cryogenic technology present boosts the performance and durability of the clipper. Not forget to mention the grooming kit that aids in maintaining and cleaning the clipper.


  • High torque motor
  • Cryogenic technology
  • Grooming kit
  • Compact and lightweight design


  • No speed adjustment

2. Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

Clipping down horse coats is not that perplexing task; the real mess is when you are stuck cleaning the clipper. After checking the cleaning and maintenance features, I am confident to say this is the best match.

The 120-volt motor is dead silent in performance. Its per minute stroke rate is 3,400-4,400 SPM. For heavy-duty coat covering, two-speed adjustments are present.

The 14 inches heavy-duty cord has 350 degrees swivel for effortless movement. Moreover, the blade is detachable for handy cleaning.


  • Shatter-proof housing
  • Detachable blade
  • Speed adjustment
  • Dead silent performance
  • A perfect option for all breeds and coats


  • Not comfy in the grip

3. Wahl Professional Horse Equine Cordless Clipper

Durability and reliability are not the only elements that make a clipper the best clipper for horses. Instead, it has to be dead-silent and efficient in performance.

Wahl professional horse equine cordless clipper offers 6,000 strokes per minute rate.

Features high built-in blade technology with size adjustment; the motor is dead-silent in performance to keep your horse calm while you do your work.

A total of 180 minutes are required to charge the clipper fully. Running time is extended up to 90 minutes, which is such a relief. The curved and slim body design offers a handy grip.


  • Blade size adjustment
  • Quick charge and long running time
  • Lightweight and comfy style
  • Dead silent performance
  • 1-year warranty


  • Common heat up issues

How To Choose the Best Horse Clipper?

Dropping your bucks to the retailer and asking him to give you the best clipper for horses is not that easy peasy as you are assuming it. Bear in mind, whatever you choose, will affect the comfort zone of your horse.

For that cause, in this section, I am sharing some aspects you need to deem while selecting the best horse clipper.

Motor noise

Aforementioned, horses are extra sensitive to noises and triggering activities. Considering a clipper with high operation noise can scare him, he might end up attacking you to protect himself. Make sure the noise rate of the clipper is dead silent to not disturb the horse’s comfort zone.

Cord or cordless?

Choosing between the cord and cordless clipper, which one is the best, is literally perplexing. Both clippers have merits and demerits. Your corded clipper will run only if there is a proper electricity supply.

On the flip side of the coin, the cordless clipper can run without electricity till its battery allows it. Summon up, if your horse stall is well-equipped with electric sockets, then consider a corded clipper. But if you want to stay away from cord mess, go with a cordless clipper.

Speed adjustment

You can’t clip the horse’s body with a constant speed. Some parts are sensitive, while some are rough. For that cause, the horse clipper should have speed adjustment for painless clipping.


Hey, don’t you want to check the efficiency of the motor? No matter how classy the clipper is by looks, if its motor is dead in performance, stay away, man! The least stroke per minute rate you should opt for is 2,000. At this range, you can get the work done in less time with accuracy.

Battery life

If your vote is for a cordless clipper, then make sure its battery timing is long-lasting because all the performance depends on it. The least the clipper should offer is 70 minutes with fast charging feature.


Do clippers hurt horses?

If money is spent well by keeping the horse’s comfort as the priority, then the clipper won’t hurt the horse. In fact, the horse won’t even realize something running on his skin.

Should you wash a horse before clipping?

Yes, you should! Washing the horse before clipping softens the hard and erecting furs, making the clipping pain-free. Depending on the weather, set the water temperature. If the weather is breezy, then prefer warm full-body. While in summer, set accordingly.

Can I use baby oil on my horse clippers?

It is another trend for horse clipping. Some horse owners prefer using baby oil to lubricant the skin instead of washing and using other lubricants. You can also use baby oil for clipping if you want. But if you sense any skin irritation, then prevent using it in the future.


A horse will require a special type of grooming that is different from what humans need – and the tools for this job vary in shape, size, and sharpness.

The blade will need to be able to withstand more pressure than it would with a human scalp. If it doesn’t, then the blade could break under the weight or wear out quickly.

There are specialized clippers made specifically for horses (some of them are reviewed above as well), which make them easier to handle.