Can a Horse Carry a 300 Pound Person?

Riding a horse is a thrilling experience but like everything, they have their limits. If your weight is over 200 like 300 pounds then you might think can this horse carry me?”

And at some points, we all have questions that are absolutely fine. If you’re keen to ride a horse then it’s good to learn about how much weight can a horse carry? When it is too heavy for the horse, etc. And in this article, I’ll discuss the horse’s weight and how you can identify which horse can carry how much weight.

But first, let’s find out if a horse can carry a 300-pound person.

Most horses are able to carry 20% of their body weight, so if you weigh 200-300 pounds, the horse should weigh around between 1000-1500 pounds.

This 20% can be varied depending on horse breed, horse health, and stamina.

Moreover most importantly if two people are riding a single horse and each weighs over 200 pounds then the total weight will be way too much for a horse to carry. It will lead the horse to pain and discomfort.

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Let’s explain this discussion further and below you’ll find a detailed horse rider weight chart, best breeds for riding for a person whose weight is over 200 pounds, and some tips to identify if you’re too big for the horse.

What happens if you’re too heavy for a horse?

According to a study, if you’re too heavy for your horse – it can lead to lameness and long-term health issues in horses. Similarly, horses that participate in races can have a negative impact on their performance if they carry more weight than they can.

Therefore, this study will help formulate laws in the future for equine welfare laws.

However, until it all pans out, just make sure you don’t make your horse uncomfortable with more weight than it can carry.

Notice if your horse looks uncomfortable or gets agitated at the time of riding – then you should be concerned about it. However, sometimes the issue can be with the saddle rather than the weight.

Horse rider weight chart?

If you’re concerned about which horse is the ideal one for you – you should try riding one that is around 7 times heavier than you. Or try the 20% rule. Your horse can carry around 20% of its own weight.

Rider weight (lbs)Horse weight (kgs)
50 (110.231 pounds)300–400
60 (132.277 pounds)360–480
70 (154.324 pounds)400-450
80 (176.37 pounds)460-613
90 (198.416 pounds)510-680
100 (220.462 pounds)560-750
110 (242.508 pounds)600–800

How do you know if you are too big for your horse?

Well, there are a few things that you need to know in order to find out if you’re too big for your horse.

1. You’re too tall

If you’re a tall lad (or lady) – and your feet do not fit properly on the saddle and your feet are dragging on the floor, it means that you’re too big for your horse and you need to replace it.

Your height may not seem like a factor that can cause distress to a horse but if your feet are dragging on the floor, your body is heavy for the horse.

2. Your horse is uncomfortable and seems off balance

If horses carry anything that is more than 20 percent of their weight – it can make them visually uncomfortable. It may seem like something petite, but over time – this distress can manifest into health problems.

Best Horse Breeds for Riders Over 250 lbs

Horses are strong, yes! But there are some breeds that can handle more weight than others. Here are some of the breeds that are appropriate for riders over 250 lbs.

  • Belgian horse
  • Shire horse
  • Quarterhorse
  • Mustang
  • Paint horse
  • Suffolk punch
  • Andalusian
  • Friesian Horse
  • Mules
  • Clydesdale Horse


There is a scarcity of rules around weight limits on riding horses. However, according to studies – most horses can carry around 20 percent of their own body weight.

However, some breeds like Clydesdale Horses can carry more weight than other breeds like Arabian horses.

But, it does not take away from the fact that putting horses through the extortion of carrying more than 400 pounds is not a good thing and should be avoided.