Are Old Horse Saddles Worth Anything?

Being a horse owner, shuffling around new and old saddles is now a part of your life. Undoubtedly, a horse saddle is the most expensive equestrian equipment.

Only a few opt for a new saddle, while the majority of them prefer having used saddles. But there is a common confusion in the community; are old horse saddles worth anything?

Old horse saddles always hold value if they are manufactured with quality and attention to detail. Compared to new saddles, they are a life-saving option. However, buying old horse saddles can be a gamble when not considering the right factors.

How to Tell the Worth of Old Saddles?

Determining the worth of an old horse saddle doesn’t require any rocket science but a keen observation. By looks, you can’t tell the value of a used saddle. To do so, check the following factors;

1. Brand’s reputation

Suppose you have two headphones, same price, same features, yet different brands. When trying to sell them, all will prefer the reputable brand tag. For some reason, buying used items is a gamble.

Folks prefer having a trustworthy brand tag on the product for quality assurance. Reputable be the brand, more valuable be the product.

2. Check the leather quality

On observing the horse saddles externally, leather is the only element that will catch your attention. Touch the surface of the leather to check whether it is cheap or high in quality.

Cheap quality leather will give a texture like paper or cardboard. The layer will also be thin and flimsy. Contrary to that, high-quality leather is thick and elastic on bending.

3. Check the weight

Now, lift your saddle in the air and examine its weight. According to the general rule, if a horse saddle has high-quality tree, leather, buckles, and fleece, it will weigh more. Contrary to it, a saddle with cheap quality leather and tree will weigh less.

4. Examine the buckles and stitches

This point will determine how precisely the physical elements are mounted together. As you know, most saddles are handcrafted, keeping a note on every single detail.

High-quality saddles’ stitches remain tight effortlessly even after years of continuous use.

Check for the stitch marks; closely examine the edges. If the stitches and buckles are on point, it will add value to the old saddle. Or, if the old parts are glued together, it will drop the worth.

5. Check for fleece

The majority of the horse owners, when buying new or old saddles, neglect this element without knowing its importance.

To mention, fleece is the inner lining responsible for keeping your horse cool and absorbing moisture.

Now, turn your saddle upside-down and check whether the fleece is present or not. High-quality saddles will have thick fleece, while cheap saddles will miss one or provide a thin layer that rubs off eventually.

6. Consider the condition

Now sum up inspection by observing the overall condition. Does the horse saddle look appealing? Does it still fit perfectly? Also, make sure the horse saddles don’t have any lumps, bumps, or rips.

How to sell old used horse saddles?

You don’t need to tighten any nuts and bolts to sell your old used horse saddle. Here are some of the common ways you can use to sell your old saddle;

1. List for sale online

Who doesn’t want to sell things simply by sitting on the couch? Don’t you? Before visiting the local market, list your old horse saddle for sale online. For this, visit different forums.

Users often share their queries in public forums, asking for solutions. Research thoroughly and find horse owners looking for used saddles. Have a detailed conversation with them and set the deal.

2. Ask in your circle

Do you have friends who are also passionate horse riders like you? How about asking them for the old saddle? Use your horse community as the best medium to sell the used saddles.

When keeping the price affordable, you can effortlessly sell your old saddles.

3. Visit local market

Selling old saddles without visiting the local market is somehow challenging. How will the buyers know you sell something until you reach them? First, visit the market as a buyer to check the current rates.

Deal with the broker and set your price for the deal.

4. Post classified ads

This technique can alert the whole town that you are selling your old horse saddle, and they need to be quick.

Selling saddles by posting classified ads can be complicated and consume much time in matching potential buyers, but also a profitable way to sell old saddles.

How can you tell how old a saddle is?

Suppose you are about to buy a used horse saddle, and the seller says it’s 1-years old. Are you sure he is not lying and trapping you around?

Turn the saddle upside-down and check for the serial number along with the manufacturer’s mark stamped on the back. Contact the manufacturer for the age of the saddle by telling him the serial number of the model.

If the serial number is not stamped on the back, it probably is underneath the jockey or on the plate.


Judging the worth of an old horse saddle is pretty tricky. Yet possible at the end of the day. Be observant while inspecting the condition of the saddle’s elements.

Are old horse saddles worth anything? Yes, they do, but it depends on how keen-eyed you are while having one.

Follow a simple rule, more be the sugar, sweeter be the cake. More be the high-quality elements, higher be the worth of the old horse saddle.


How much is a used horse saddle worth?

If the leather is high-quality with tree rawhide wood and overall fine condition, it can cost around $200-400. Yet, the price may vary depending on the type and location.

How do I find out what my saddle is worth?

Inspect the leather quality, fleece, and tree condition. If everything is satisfactory, you can expect a worth of $100-400.

Where is the maker’s mark on a saddle?

In general cases, the manufacturer’s mark is stamped at the back of the saddle on the skirt or plate. Nevertheless, some manufacturers stamp it underneath the jockey.