Abetta Saddles Review – 5 Best New & Old Saddles 2024

Riding a horse is an amazing experience, you feel like you’re on top of the world. But your little adventure can come crashing down if you do not have a sturdy saddle. Part of the reason why, you should get your hands on an Abetta Saddle – to sit firm on your horse and enjoy the ride.

What Is An Abetta Saddle?

Abetta saddles are a category among lightweight horse saddles, so your horse can feel comfortable. On top of this, Abetta Saddles are easy to maintain so they will not rip off every other month.

Are Abetta Saddles Worth Your Money?

Yes, Abetta Saddles are like a household name among American riders, the lightweight and slick design adds to its personality and yours when you ride your horse.

But are you torn between the variety? And cannot decide which Abetta Saddle to get?

Well, you are at the right place – let us review the Best Abetta Saddles, so you can decide which one fits your requirement to the tee!

Things to Consider While Buying a Saddle

Now that you know that Abetta saddles are worth your money, let us discuss some aspects that you should keep in mind (while buying) before taking the plunge!


The most important part of your saddle should be its sturdiness, in short, the material that is used to make it. If the material is not durable, it can break off and lead to injuries, or in some cases it can be fatal.

Therefore, pay close attention to which material your saddle is made up of.

For example, Abetta uses 1000 denier nylon that is both, strong and lightweight. You should look for something similar.

One Size Does Not Fit All

You should always select an appropriately sized saddle for your horse. Something too big or too small can lead to slips which will cause injuries.

So, just make sure that the saddle fits your horse, and you will be good to go. On top of this, the stirrups (where you put your feet) should be put in the proper place.

Most of your weight is supported by them. Therefore, the saddle you are buying should be fit for your height.

And lastly, you should check if you feel comfortable while sitting on your saddle. Of course, you will not feel like you are sitting on your couch, but similarly, you should not feel like you are hanging from a tree.

You should feel like you are tucked in properly. Your best bet would be to check the saddle for all these things before buying the saddle.

Type of Saddle

Another important aspect that you should consider while buying a saddle is the style or type of saddle you want to buy. It will entirely depend on what you want to do with your horse. As riding and racing require different styles of saddles.

Secondhand V.S New Saddle

There is nothing wrong with getting an old saddle. Some of the pieces of Abetta saddles are not available and you can only get an old one.

Especially if you cannot afford to get a new one, you should get an old saddle instead of getting a cheap saddle that will break off every other month. You will be better off buying an old Abetta because of its endurance qualities.

Just search on the internet for it and you will stumble upon something that fits your requirements.

Top 5 Best Abetta Saddle In 2021

1. Abetta’s Round Skirt Saddle in Classic Style

Among the Abetta collection, Abetta’s Round Skirt Saddle in Classic Style is best described as an all-rounder that is fit for all ages.

The material used to manufacture this amazing saddle is nylon which makes it super lightweight and gives space to your horse to feel comfortable, your horse will be relaxed and will perform better.

Heavy saddles that give a royalish look are torturous for the horses and it can make them irritable, which will affect their performance negatively.

On top of this, Abetta’s Round Skirt Saddle in Classic Style is also made to be shockproof, the material absorbs the constant shocks during the ride – this quality will ensure your spine remains intact to enjoy more years of riding (yes, spinal injuries are scary).


As mentioned before, the design is lightweight and minimal, there are two colors available – pink and purple (but we do not believe in color discrimination).

The padding within the design makes it shockproof and comfortable for both, the horse, and the rider.

Pros and Cons


  • Light in weight.
  • Comfortable for the rider
  • Keeps the horse calm
  • Cushiony
  • Includes a Ralide saddle tree
  • Gorgeous silver trim engraved design


  • Only two colors are available
  • It may not fit your “aesthetic”
  • It may be small for large horses

Abetta Wide Trail Saddle

This one is for the riders who like to go on trails, the wide design is the perfect companion for such rides.

And yes, it is also low maintenance so when you do get to go on those hiking trails, it remains clean and sturdy to support your adventures.


Due to the wideness of the saddle, it offers a “no-slip grip” which will be useful for long tracks. The last thing you want during your rides is to slip off the saddle and break a bone or two. So, with Abetta Wide Trail Saddle you will be secure.

Similar to other Abetta Saddles, Abetta Wide Trail Saddle is also lightweight and will keep your horse calm throughout the journey.

The positioning of the rider on the saddle is also a plus point, it keeps your back in a comfortable condition – in the long run, you can save yourself from the grueling backaches.


  • Includes a Ralide gullet
  • Lightweight (17 pounds)
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Has 1000 denier nylon
  • A cantle that has 5-inch rigging


  • There is only one color
  • Not the best fit for young riders

Abetta Arab Saddle for Trail Riding 

Abetta Arab Saddle is the epitome of perfection. You get the perfect Arab-inspired inspired design that is comfortable and sturdy. And, if you have a black horse, this saddle is going to serve some looks!

A comfortable ride WITH a beautiful saddle, what else can we ask for?


The design of the Abetta Arab Saddle for Trail Riding is sleek and modern with a hint of medieval ages Arab design. The material used on this saddle is Cordura nylon with stainless steel for rigging.

On top of this, the saddle is padded with shock-resistant foam padding that will take care of your back, and trust us when we say, your back is your biggest asset as a rider.

With the padding, there is also the slip-proof technology embedded in this saddle that will keep you safe from any potential falls (unless you are a noob rider).


  • Comfortable riding
  • Shock-proof padding
  • Premium cordura nylon
  • Latigo strap
  • Different design
  • Wide design
  • Scratch resistant


  • Only black color available
  • Not the best choice for competitions

ABETTA Original Nylon Saddle

If you are looking for an all-rounder saddle that will be friendly for your pocket as well, then this one is for you. The saddle is not cheap but reasonably priced.

And you do not want to risk getting a cheap saddle to risk your life.


The material used to manufacture ABETTA Original Nylon Saddle is 1000 denier nylon which adds years to the lifetime of your saddle. The padding inside the saddle keeps everything comfortable for the long rides.

On top of this, the shock-absorbing foam will take care of your spine which will add years to your riding life.

The sturdy design is also low maintenance to keep your hand free while you are enjoying a hike (but it is good to keep it clean).


  • Durable design
  • It can endure long and bumpy rides
  • Premium nylon material
  • Affordable


  • Basic Design
  • Narrow

Abetta Ostrich Classic Saddle Set

Abetta Ostrich Classic Saddle Set keeps up with the basic Abetta design with a small twist – the cowhide trim.

It adds a unique feature to your saddle that will make it stand out from the crowd.it can be the perfect choice for people who want to add a touch of modernism to their saddle.


The design provides a pleasure-type tree and includes a bridle, saddle pads, and a breast collar which is a full package at an affordable price. On top of this, the mount is as comfortable as it can be.

The no-slip technology with full padding will keep you safe while you enjoy your ride.

There are two colors available green and tan that look modernish while keeping that Abetta style alive.

Pros and Cons


  • Low maintenance
  • lightweight
  • No-slip technology
  • A full package
  • Minimal design


  • Only two colors are available
  • Limited sizes


A saddle is like a brake pad for your horse, you need it to be safe. But among millions of designs, which one is the best? Abetta Saddles have made a mark for themselves. The saddles are comfortable and safe due to the no-slip technology.

So here is the takeaway, if you are looking for a stylish saddle, go for the Abetta Arab Saddle for Trail Riding as it stands out from the crowd.

However, if you want to do some hardcore riding – Abetta Wide Trail Saddle will be your best bet due to its wide design.